This newsletter is about the stock market and it has two different types of content.

On the philosophical front, the mission of ‘From 0 to 1 in the Stock Market’ is to learn how to properly think to make the best decisions possible in the investment field. Conceptual articles like these are published on Sundays at 4pm. To get a glance of what they consist of:

At the same time, I’ll publish my research including business analyses, earnings reviews and market-related events. The purpose of this other section is to provide you with the vastest amount of relevant information about particular businesses to help you increase the odds of making good decisions in respect to them. Research articles:

I’m continuously working on these articles and generally publish at least one complete research per month, and as many earnings review as I can.

If you listen to podcasts, then the following might be for you. Topics are the same as in the newsletter, but the way I approach them widely differs. Feel free to give it a try: From 0 to 1 in the Stock Market, Podcast

Who am I?

My name is Giuliano Mana, I’m 23 years old. I have a B.A Degree in Finance and I’m a Master’s candidate at Brandeis IBS. I’ve been thoroughly going over huge amounts of reading material regarding the stock market and hope to transmit some insights here.

Contact: giulianomana@0to1stockmarket.com

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Fundamental principles of the stock market, earnings reviews and research.



B.A Degree in Finance. MA candidate at Brandeis University. Weekly newsletter: 'From 0 to 1 in the Stock Market'