Meditations on Investing

Meditations on investing will be published to help us improve our decision-making process. It’s about forcing ourselves to learn how to properly think to detach the crowds. These articles are published on Sundays at 4pm. To get a glance of what they consist of:

Compilation of Reads

I’ve gone over hundreds of shareholder letters, research articles, and essays about investing. Occasionally, I’ll publish free compilations of what I consider to be the most insightful pieces. The first of them contains: (i) a shareholder letter from Buffett, 1960s; (ii) a research article from Mauboussin, 1997; (iii) an essay from R.Zeckhauser, 2006.

Compilation Of Reads, Volume 1
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Future compilations will be published on this tab: Recommended Reads.

Paid Offering

I publish deep qualitative research on selected businesses and detailed earnings reviews. My focus is on high-quality companies that I suspect can compound capital at high rates for a long time. Target market capitalization is 1-15bn. Here’s an example of what my research looks like:

Research, Zoetis
2.54MB ∙ PDF file

All companies will be ones that I either hold in the portfolio I’ve been managing for the past 2.5 years or that I’m planning to build a position. You will also get quarterly portfolio updates. In these, I will share the reasoning behind relevant changes in weights.

My approach is purely methodical and aimed at long-term value creation. To get a sense of this, I encourage you to read: Shareholder Letter 2023.

Who am I?

My name is Giuliano Mana. I’m 24 years old, have a B.A Degree in Finance and I’m a Master’s candidate at Brandeis IBS. I spend several daily hours reading about investing and hope to transmit some insights here.


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